Things to Know before you Arrive

We look forward to welcoming you to beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada and hosting you as part of the STEM 2020 Conference here the University of British Columbia. Below are a few helpful tips to review before your arrival.

If you are traveling from outside of Canada, please review the Visa Information to determine if you need to apply.

Internet Access
Wireless internet access is available in most buildings on campus by choosing the “UBC Visitor” network from your wireless options. Once you have selected UBC Visitor, go to any webpage on the internet. The UBC wireless log-on page will appear. Simply provide your email address to continue.

Name Badges
Your Conference registration name badge is your admission to all conference sessions and catered events. Please wear your badge at all times. Your name badge is also required to gain entry for yourself to the sponsored museum and venues indicated on the registration page.

Conference Attire
The dress code for the conference is business casual. Meeting room temperatures will vary, so wear layered clothing to ensure your personal comfort. We also recommend comfortable shoes as the conference will be held at three separate venues. The Banquet Dinner requires

Climate – and What to Wear
Vancouver enjoys warm, comfortable summers with moderate temperatures that are tempered by sea breezes.  July temperatures are typically between 17º-26º Celsius (62-78º Fahrenheit), with long daylight hours. Evenings, can be cool, so it’s best to pack a light jacket and sweater. An umbrella is also advisable.

Vancouver enjoys a reputation as being one of the most accessible cities in the world among travelers with special needs. Whether using wheelchairs, white canes, seeing eye dogs or hearing aids, Vancouver leads the way in making the area a more livable place for people with disabilities through its progressive transportation systems, innovative housing and recreational opportunities.

Time Zone
Vancouver is in the Pacific Time Zone. Daylight savings time is in effect from the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November.

Metric Measures
Canada follows the International Metric System. Temperatures, rainfall measures, distance, weights, velocity are expressed in metric units. Distance is measured in kilometres.

Outlets and voltage (120 volts) are the same as in the United States. Small appliances such as hair dryers, irons, razors, etc. can be used in Canada. For those from other countries, adapters are required for electrical appliances. The frequency of electrical current in Canada is 60 Hz.

Sales Tax
In the province of British Columbia, sales tax is not included in the price of items. On most items you will pay an additional 5% GST (Federal tax) and some items are also subject to an additional 7% PST (Provincial tax)

Smoking and Alcohol
Smoking is restricted in many places in Vancouver including restaurants, public transportation, places of work, enclosed public areas and within 6 metres of any building entrance.  The legal drinking age in Canada is 19 years of age.