Conference Theme


The 6th International Conference of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM2021) in Education is a unique opportunity for educators and researchers from schools, universities, colleges, museums and cultural institutions, businesses, industries and other private and public agencies around the world to share and discuss their innovative practices, research initiatives, and educational tools that advance STEM education.

Changing the Story is the STEM 2021 conference theme. With the world facing numerous significant challenges – the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, ecosystem degradation, transformation of future job markets, disease and drug management, population displacement – there is now more than ever a need for STEM educators to contribute solutions to complex problems facing the world. The 2021 conference theme provides opportunities to highlight and examine STEM Education that complements common themes of improving academic performance and/or encouraging students to pursue STEM-related fields and careers. The theme highlights STEM Education research that breaks new ground and offers new directions for innovative research, research methodologies, and teaching approaches. Changing the Story, as a theme, provides opportunities to examine STEM stories yet to be told, partially hidden, and not yet conceived. Research in STEM Education has the potential to transform lives, re-imagine education, and respond to some of the world’s most complex issues at local and global levels. We encourage and welcome you to share your stories by being part of STEM 2021: Changing the Story.

Topical Themes

  • New: STEM education in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • New: Transformation to online STEM education
  • Empirical research in STEM education
  • Approaches and methodologies for STEM education research
  • Innovative pedagogies and curricula in STEM education
  • Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary STEM education
  • STEM and STEA(art)M education
  • STEM education and social issues
  • STEM education and the environment
  • STEM education and industry partnerships
  • STEM Teacher Education and professional development
  • STEM education in informal contexts.

Aims and Objectives

The conference will create opportunities for:

  • Information and knowledge sharing through paper/poster presentations, symposia, workshops, and innovative showcases;
  • Modelling effective pedagogical practices while enhancing content knowledge;
  • Sharing research initiatives and outcomes;
  • Professional development for educators in a range of educational contexts; and
  • Networking between participants.