Sponsor-Conference Workshops

1. Callysto Workshop at STEM 2021

 “Teaching Digital Workforce Skills in the Classroom”

Time: Monday, July 5th, 17:00 to 18:30 (Workshop 1.5)

Coding, computational thinking, and data science are important skills for the growing digital workforce. In this workshop, teachers will learn how to add these skills into their classrooms by using Callysto – a federally-funded, online, curriculum-tied tool designed for Grades 5-12 students. Educators who use Callysto in their classrooms will lead the session. Participants are asked to bring their own laptops where possible, so they can jump into Callysto tutorials.  For more information on the Callysto project, please visit Callysto.ca

Fee: Free

Location: Online

Maximum Registration: 40 delegates